Qixium is a full featured data processor.

Our main focus is to guide organisations with their data process challenges!

Qixium ensures that your data is being exchanged and used in a controlled way. We achieve this by using pre-defined scenarios. It’s not only important to control the technique, but also process experience is a very important factor.

If all data is processed properly, then you would like to be informed and reported about it. If a certain step causes a failure, then you want to know this as fast as possible, this also goes for an answer on the question ‘did my process run ok?’. After correcting an error it also could be important to re-initiate the flow by a trigger or presenting the data again.

With Qixium you ensure flexibility, uniformity and guarantee the process. Besides this you can also receive information which can be used to optimise or adjust the process. We provide the framework to guide the process, it is only a matter of linking the technology and to know where to get to get the data from? Login to our (cloud) environment and we will take of the rest!


We use scenarios.

A scenario is a predefined set where we have already worked out most of the aspects.
Based on our best practice experience!

SCOM – TOPdesk Incident Integration

Easily integrate your TOPdesk SCOM incidents with TOPdesk!

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Outlook – TOPdesk Room Booking Insights

Together with our partner TOPdesk we deliver the Outlook Room Booker. With this you can easily synchronise your room booking reservations from Outlook (Exchange / Office365) with TOPdesk.

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TOPdesk – AFAS Hour Invoicing

From TOPdesk we get time spent information, which we use to bill this to the customer, via AFAS.

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TOPdesk – AFAS Hour Insights

From TOPdesk we synchronise written time, from AFAS we read out time-related information and list this (per person).

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TOPdesk – HUBSpot incident integration

Synchronising TOPdesk 1st and 2nd line and partial notifications with HUBspot.

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AFAS – TOPdesk Persons & Companies synchronisation

Synchronise persons and companies between AFAS and TOPdesk.

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SCCM – TOPdesk Asset synchronisation

Easily retrieve all assets from Microsoft SCCM and maintain them automatically within TOPdesk!

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GEMMA SWC – TOPdesk Asset synchronisation

The GEMMA Software Catalog scenario ensures automatic processing of software assets to TOPdesk.

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Qixium is developed and delivered by Scope4mation. Please get in touch with us for more information!



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