AFAS – TOPdesk Persons & Companies synchronisation


From AFAS we synchronise the following information to TOPdesk:

  • Persons
  • Companies


For example, to be able to perform time registration and internal invoicing, people and companies in TOPdesk must be up-to-date. To keep track of this manually (within TOPdesk) is a challenge. There is often an HR / financial system within an organisation where this data is registered first, these records are transferred manually to TOPdesk or with a one-off transfer.

By linking with AFAS, you will automatically update TOPdesk. No double administration, TOPdesk always up-to-date.

You will be assisted by the Qixium scenario support and Qixium will assist you with the delivery of exclusion lists, possibilities for re-offering records / data and gaining and maintaining good insight through the Qixium scenario dashboard!


We activate a Qixium environment and within 2 steps you can activate the scenario on your environment!

Step 1: 

Within Qixium you activate the AFAS – TOPdesk People & Companies synchronisation scenario and you follow the setup wizard. The setup wizard helps you fill in environment-related information and ensures that the scenario is ready to use in your environment.

Step 2:

You can now test and ensure that you get the scenario under control for your environment. After testing you can easily go live and run the scenario in a schedule or, if desired, continuously. We inform you about the state of the scenario via our dashboard!