Qixium GDPR

The complete Privacy Administration Suite for every organisation!
Together with you/your organisation we take care of:


Our approach solidifies the GDPR awareness process and pursues involvement.
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Collaboration & sharing is part of our DNA and ensures reliable and lasting results
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Involvement, Collaboration and Qixium is the golden combination for achieving insight & GDPR compliancy!
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Functionalities & Aspects

Qixium GDPR covers many aspects of the GDPR. We have listed a few of them below.
Click on the one that interests you and we will share our view about the subject and how Qixium GDPR can support you!

Get started now with Qixium GDPR 30!

Currently we are offering a trial SaaS subscription with Qixium GDPR 30 and a classroom Start workshop for € 1.800,- (max 2 participants per organisation). With the Start workshop we will get you on track with the first steps in Qixium and plot your road to compliancy. Have you already started and got data in excel for example? Then import it into Qixium and take it from there! Any questions or want to register? Then click here.


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