Qixium GDPR is the complete Privacy Administration package. Qixium GDPR helps to efficiently fulfill all GDPR obligations and besides this to certify for GDPR and ISO27001. The default outcome would also be a privacy process optimalization. All relevant information can be easily inventoried, stored and maintained. The approach with Qixium GDPR ensures involvement, collaboration and insight with and for all stakeholders!


With each (broad) project, support in the organization is crucial for the joint achievement of success. Top level management needs to have GDPR placed with top priority on the agenda, need to have a good understanding of this and the will to share this GDPR awareness among all employees This is also an important requirement for a Qixium GDPR implementation. With our experience and knowledge we can contribute and support this, we know which challenges needs to be addressed and how to deal with this.


Gathering of GDPR related and specific information is a cross-department task, therefor the whole organisation is needed to gather this. Qixium GDPR make sure the information is stored, the challenge for the organization is to work together and give each other tasks and to ensure that the missing puzzle peices are collected and the information gaps are filled. Have you already collected the information? think of information such as department, contact persons etc, then we can process this with our Qixium GDPR API!


Insights are needed to determine where you stand and what needs to be done, who should be approached for this and / or needs to gather the information? It is important to be able to see where you stand from several angles, for example an overview per department or per specific GDPR component, for example per processing activity. The quality of the insights is in the supplied (collaboration) data and the involvement of the person who delivers the data (involvement).


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