Outlook – TOPdesk Room Booking Insights


Together with our partner TOPdesk we deliver the Outlook Room Booker. With this you can easily synchronise your room booking reservations from Outlook (Exchange / Office365) with TOPdesk.

The dashboard is supplied with the Outlook Room Booker for TOPdesk. You can find all the information on Outlook Room Booker.com (ENG, new tab)!


When you synchronise the availability of rooms, functional conflicts will occur. E.g. When you book a room in Outlook, this is already booked in TOPdesk, or vice-versa. These kind of functional issues needs to be addressed and (if the user doesn’t solve this) solved.

There may also be scenarios where synchronisation is not possible, for example, a target application does not (yet) support a scenario. These ‘exceptions’ are also part of the overall picture with regard to booking synchronisation.

With this scenario we combine the ORB information and display it in 1 overview. This gives you quick and easy insight into outstanding conflicts and exceptions. We have a portal mode, so you can easily show this in the department or share it internally.


Request the Outlook Room Booker via your TOPdesk account manager.


After the ORB implementation, we activate an account within our ORB Qixium environment and connect your ORB environment to the dashboard.


You can now the dashboard (choose the desired view) and via our ORB dashboard we will inform you about the state of your synchronised bookings.