SCOM – TOPdesk Incident Integration


From Microsoft System Center Operation Manager we register and process SCOM incidents in TOPdesk. Registered TOPdesk incident information is being updated in SCOM!


Maintaining operational incidents within TOPdesk can come with a lot of work. With this integration we take care that operational observations in SCOM are being triggered and registered in TOPdesk. Besides this we keep track of the status of this SCOM incident and keep this in sync with TOPdesk.

You determine which events are being forward, we take care of the rest!

The ideal source to use for automatically registering and maintaining your incidents in TOPdesk! 1 central place for registration! Very simple and efficient!

You will be assisted by the Qixium scenario. Qixium will assist you with the delivery of exclusion lists, possibilities for re-offering records / data and gaining and maintaining good insights via the Qixium scenario dashboard.


  • Automates and integrates with incident process in TOPdesk
  • Reduces intensive manual work: improves productivity and efficiency
  • Manage the SCOM incident types in SCOM
  • Cost reduction
  • Scenario (Qixium) benefits:
    • Delivered as a service
    • Scenario insights
      • Dashboard
      • Exclusions (easy tasks, resends, ignore functionality)
      • Statistics
    • Strong/Full focus on TOPdesk integrations
    • Can easily be extended with more TOPdesk related scenarios


We activate a Qixium environment and within 2 steps you can use the scenario!

Step 1:
Within Qixium you select the SCOM – TOPdesk Bi-directional Incident Integration scenario and you follow the setup wizard. The setup wizard helps you fill in environment-related information and ensures that the scenario is ready to use in your environment.

Step 2:
You can now test and ensure that you get the scenario under control for your environment. After testing you can easily go live and run the scenario in a schedule or, if desired, continuously. We inform you about the state of the scenario via our dashboard!


SCOM Source:

TOPdesk Target: