TOPdesk – HUBSpot incident integration


From TOPdesk we synchronise the following 1st and 2nd line incident information with HUBspot tickets:

  • Basis attributes
  • Status
  • Operator
  • Feedback
  • …. (basically everything that is available at TOPdesk)

HUBspot is an extensive CRM package, where the sales people can see if customers are satisfied with the call handling (feedback functionality) and quickly see which tickets are open. A TOPdesk ticket is created within HUBspot and this is kept up to date on all levels (including status and all possible attributes).


Informing each other frequently is often a challenge. It is important that information is always up-to-date and most of all it must be reliable.

You will be assisted by the Qixium scenario support and Qixium will assist you with the delivery of exclusion lists, possibilities for re-offering records / data and gaining and maintaining good insight through the Qixium scenario dashboard.


We activate a Qixium environment and within 2 steps you can use the scenario!

Step 1: 

Within Qixium you activate the TOPdesk – HUBSpot incident integration scenario and you follow the setup wizard. The setup wizard helps you fill in environment-related information and ensures that the scenario is ready to use in your environment.

Stap 2: 

You can now test and ensure that you get the scenario under control for your environment. After testing you can easily go live and run the scenario in a schedule or, if desired, continuously. We inform you about the state of the scenario via our dashboard!